NiMH Rechargeable Cell: 24pcs AA 2600mAh High Capacity NiMH Batteries w/ 6 battery holders


Nominal Voltage: 1.2V

Nominal Capacity: 2600mAh

Max.Charging current: 2.6 A Max.

Max.Discharging current: 2.6 A Max.

Dimensions (D x H): 14.5mm (0.57″) x 50mm (1.97″)

Weight/Cell: 28g (0.99oz)

Cycle Performance: 80% of initial capacity at 500 cycles at 0.1C rate

Detail Data Sheet: Please download specification of AA 2600mah NiMH rechargeable cells.

-Excellent cells to build a battery pack
-Powerizer (TM) Ultra high 2600mAh capacity means ultra long working power.
-Excellent performance in Digital Cameras, CD Players, Remote Control Vehicles, Metal -Detectors, Flashlights, PDAs etc..
-Designed to enable rapid charging and long cycle life.
-Last 2x longer than ordinary NiCd battery.
-Memory free operation provides great convenience.
-Can be use as replacement for most standard AA size batteries in almost all equipment.


-Excellent for power intensive devices like Radios, Boom Boxes, Remote Control Cars and much more.
-Perfect for Portable or emergency power source for Medical, communication and power tools.

-The Above Batteries are truly 2600mAh Capacity (max -5~+5% error) which have passed strict testing according to IEC ( International Electronic Committee) standard (0.1C charging and 0.1C discharging at Room temperature). Any higher charging or discharging current would cause lower capacity testing results.
-NiMH Battery must be stored in fully charged condition.  You shall always keep NiMH cell above 1.0V/cell. You need charging your battery at least once every six moths to keep battery capacity normal.  You may order a mini battery tester to check battery every month.

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